Please keep in your prayers our seminarians. They are our future.

Who and Where Are Our Seminarians? (2019-2020)

Provincial Residence – Washington, DC





Father Vinod Angadathu George, Sch.P. Becomes a Priest

Father Vinod Angadathu George SchP

Piarist Fathers – Province of the USA and Puerto Rico (Google Earth)

Father Francisco (Paco) Aisa, Sch.P. is the Director of Communications for our Province.  He recently participated in a meeting of all of the Directors of Communications in our religious order.  He created a presentation using Google Earth.  It shows a satellite view of our various ministries from the north (Bronx, NY) to the south (Ponce, PR).  Thank you Father Paco.

A Priest with a Scientific Vocation – Rev. Andrew Buechele, Sch.P.

A Priest with a Scientific Vocation