Please keep in your prayers our seminarians. They are our future.

Father Orlando Rodriguez, Sch.P. Becomes a Priest

Calasanz Movement (Ministry for Youth)

Who and Where Are Our Seminarians? (2019-2020)

St. Helena Parish and School, Monsignor Scanlan High School, Bronx, NY

Father Ricardo Rivera Ortiz, Sch.P. Ordained to the Priesthood

Model for the Calasanz Movement in the Province of the United States and Puerto Rico (Spanish)

Brother Jorge Ramirez, Sch.P. and Father Emilio Sotomayor, Sch.P. have served as the coordinators of a team, which is creating a model for the Calasanz Movement in our Province.  The goal of their effort is to help increase the role of lay men and women (young and old) in the ministry of the Piarists.      

Calasanz Movement US-PR 2018

The Gift of an Icon to the Seminary by Brother Ricardo Rivera, Sch.P.

St Ephraim

Father Vinod Angadathu George, Sch.P. Becomes a Priest

Father Vinod Angadathu George SchP

Brother Ricardo Rivera, Sch.P. Professes His Solemn Vows


Solemn Profession of Brother Ricardo Rivera

Piarist Fathers – Province of the USA and Puerto Rico (Google Earth)

Father Francisco (Paco) Aisa, Sch.P. is the Director of Communications for our Province.  He recently participated in a meeting of all of the Directors of Communications in our religious order.  He created a presentation using Google Earth.  It shows a satellite view of our various ministries from the north (Bronx, NY) to the south (Ponce, PR).  Thank you Father Paco.