Please keep in your prayers our seminarians. They are our future.

Our Piarist Mission

The Calasanzian family, with humility and gratitude, recognizes itself as the work of God and the result of the daring and ever-enduring patience of Saint Joseph Calasanz. For he, illumined by the Holy Spirit, dedicated himself totally to the Christian education of children, especially the poor, in wisdom and piety.

Calasanz created a new school, intimately connected with the founding charism, the first model of integral, tuition-free and Christian education through which he wanted to free children and youth from the bondage of sin and ignorance.

Mission Statement of the United States and Puerto Rico Province:

“The Mission of the USA-PR Province of the Pious Schools is to follow Christ and to serve the Church in the modern world by promoting our unique way of life and by ministering effectively to the educational needs of children and youth, especially the poor”