Please keep in your prayers our seminarians. They are our future.

How Many Piarists Are There? Where Do They Minister? (December 2018)

The Piarist Fathers, for governance purposes, are divided into a variety of demarcations.  They can include: Provinces, Vice-Provinces, General Delegations, General Houses and Vicariates.

There were a total of 20 different Provinces, Vice-Provinces and General Delegations as of December 31, 2018.  The Province of the United States of America and Puerto Rico is an example of a demarcation.

As of the same date, there were 1,354 Piarists (1 bishop, 953 priests, 27 deacons, 37 brothers, 266 professed seminarians and 70 novices).  They lived in 213 different communities in 41 different countries. They taught a total of 131,333 students in 197 schools.