Please keep in your prayers our seminarians. They are our future.

Collection of the Letters of St. Joseph Calasanz, Sch.P. (Spanish)

Collection of the Letters of St. Pompilio Pirrotti, Sch.P. (Italian and Spanish)

Who and Where Are Our Seminarians? (2019-2020)

Necrology – Please Keep in Your Prayers the Deceased Religious of Our Province.

Saint Paula Montal, Foundress of the Piarist Sisters, by Father Dionisio Cueva, Sch.P.

Did You Know That a Piarist Father from Italy Was a Co-Inventor of the Combustion Engine?

Pope Francis Declares That a Piarist Alumnus Is a Martyr

Newsletter 17 – Fall 2019 – English

Newsletter 17 – Fall 2019 – Spanish

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